A Mild Hearing Loss is Not a Mild Problem

In the light of Hearing Awareness Week, there were two good articles, the first article is from Hearing Health Matters about mild hearing loss and the second article discusses Hearing Week and why we should check our children’s hearing . These articles are definitely worth a read for all families with children.

The first article covers :

  • Why is newborn hearing screening missing mild hearing loss?
  • What exactly is mild hearing loss?
  • What are the effects of a mild hearing loss?
  • Middle ear disease?
  • Do children with mild hearing loss need hearing aids?
  • Counselling about mild hearing loss

Please click the link below to read the full article.


The second article discusses the impact of hearing loss and school aged children.  Australian Hearing has encouraged people to take a free test at bigaussiehearingcheck.com


One thought on “A Mild Hearing Loss is Not a Mild Problem

  1. A great article to share, thanks Catharine. Mild loss is always looked upon as ‘not that bad’, but this article sums it up well.

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