Dress-up Day

We are raising money for Farmers in Drought with

Dress Like a Farmer Day

Monday December 10th

Students are welcome to come to school dressed as a farmer, farm animal, farm tool,

or in blue to represent the much-needed rain.

Gold coin donation please.

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6 thoughts on “Dress-up Day

  1. Agreed…way too short notice! Am now wondering if there is a casual day tomorrow for the last day as I haven’t seen anything about it??

  2. I have to agree with other comments regarding the late notice of this, particularly given it was in conflict with instruction given to year 7’s about wearing uniform after their fun day.
    Please don’t expect that families will sit on their devices all weekend to keep track of last minute notices like this one, especially at this time of year when everyone is so busy.
    Thank you to the teachers though for trying to get the message out through seesaw as soon as they could – that was pretty unfair on them considering the venting they received.
    Timing is everything and people still need notice to receive it and prepare, even if messages/information is of electronic form.

  3. This is the very first we have heard about this – kids included – just got a Seesaw message at 9:28pm on Sunday night… and now noticed this on the blog… sounds like fun – but waaay too short notice for parents!

  4. Have parents been notified about this in another way? I may have missed it but haven’t heard anything about dress ups until now.

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