Governing Council meeting

Governing Council met for its first meeting of Term 4 on Monday 5 November.  As always the meeting was well attended and I would encourage parents not on the Council to attend if they are interested in one of the ways that the parent community and school interact.

Catharine Carlin presented to GC members on Growth as a Learner, and in particular on the feedback received recently following a survey of parents and students.  Council members had a number of questions for Catharine and it was an excellent opportunity for us to hear more about Growth as a Learner as well as have input in to how it might be improved.

Amongst the numerous items discussed by Governing Council the new school blog attracted much attention and all agreed that it is a fantastic engagement tool for the school and broader community.

Following approval of the $370 Material and Services Charge for 2019, Governing Council agreed to poll parents seeking support to ensure the full amount of that charge is legally recoverable.  Parents will receive this poll in the near future.

Governing Council next meets on Monday of week 8.

Simon Froude


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